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Tom Wurth

Tom Wurth – Founder of The Urban Bicycle Gallery

Tom began his career in the bicycle industry in 1983 working at Buck’s Bikes in Austin while going to UT. He later moved back to Houston and worked at a number of local shops. While working at West End Bikes he began racing mountain bikes all over Texas. That was his main obsession from the mid 80’s to about 1991. In 1993 he became a sales representative for Bridgestone Bicycles. Tom was with them for a year until they quit selling bikes in the U.S.  Tom moved to the Trek Corporation in 1994 where he traveled throughout Texas and Louisiana selling bikes to bike shops until the end of 2002. This gave him an opportunity to ride most of the mountain bike trails in both states and learn from a lot of different shops. At Trek Tom also had a chance to work with and learn from some of the most influential players in the industry including: Gary Fisher, Greg Lemond, Gary Klein, Keith Bontrager and Trek president - John Burke.

Tom enjoyed participating in a variety of different sports; however, cycling was his chief preoccupation for over 25 years. Tom was in the bike business his entire adult life. Tom passed away August 19th, 2012. Even though you will not see him at the shop you will feel his presence when you walk in The Urban Bicycle Gallery. All of the artwork on the walls, bike robots and the vintage bicycles hung up around the shop were projects of Tom’s. He loved to work on old bikes and always had a great story of how he found the bikes, what inspired him to paint the painting or weld his sculptures.

Tom loved hearing stories of adventures people had on the bikes he sold them. He played a big part of the growth of the cycling community in Houston and was very proud every time he rode his bike on the bike paths along the Heights, Allen Parkway and around town. 

Tom will be truly missed but never forgotten.


Tom and Judy

Judy Tuttle-Wurth

Judy has been a Hair Stylist for over 30 years. She has been riding bikes for a little while longer than that. She enjoys road riding and is a  veteran of the MS 150 and many of the other charity rides. Judy works at the bike shop a few days a week and then spends a few days cutting hair at Thairapy Salon and Spa on Waugh Dr. 

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Jon Jon considers himself to be a bike shop rouleur.  Having been in the bicycle business since college in the 90’s, he’s worked at several shops, managed two and owned one.  Equally adept in sales, service, marketing and management, his versatility allows him to float from one side of store operations to any of the others.  He started riding bikes growing up in Scotland but found his passion for the sport with the advent of mountain biking and has been hooked ever since.  Jon rides and races single-speed mountain bikes but is just as comfortable mixing it up on road, cyclocross and fixed gear bikes.  If you’re looking for someone that can explain the variety of cycling available to you, advice on accessories, components, gear or need a mechanic that is focused on the highest level of detail, come in and ask for the new Jon!


Jason's a British import who prides himself and being a true ambassador of the 'down-to-earth-approach'. After a life changing experience in his younger years (going from 300lbs to 205lbs in 12 weeks, yes, really, it's documented with medical reports!) Jason found cycling. After 12 years exploring EVERY Scottish piece of single track, the downhill slopes of Morzine (French Alps)/in fact most of Europe, Whistler, Moab, Costa Rica, Oman, S Korea, (Jason's worked in a few far flung places, always with his bike in tow) Jason simply loves bikes. With a true belief that simply jumping on a bike can change your life forever Jason chose to turn a lifelong passion into his daily job (read: paid hobby!) and say good-bye to 24 years as an engineer with a major oil company. If it's straight talking, down to earth facts and a true passion for anything with a crank and two wheels talk to Jason.


Tara has been on and around bicycles since she was young, with her dad racing on Long Island, NY.  She has done a 1200 mile tour, ridden over 10,000 miles in Houston alone, and this is her sole means of transportation.  She has worked with cycling and community organizing, coordinating Ride for the Future, a program that is a bike tour where the cyclists volunteer for and highlight communities impacted by and moving beyond fossil fuels, and she loves community rides like Tour de Hood.  She is passionate about fixing bikes, amazed by the mechanical ability of bicycles and wheels, and works to empower others through cycling.


Mike works at Urban on the occasional Saturday or Sunday since his wife works weekends. He has been riding since he could walk, and working in bikeshops since college he got tired of lifeguarding in the cold during the winter. Working in the service area allows him the cathartic experience to imagine he really does not work in the corporate rat race Monday through Friday. His true love however is sales and talking about the technical aspects of modern cycling technology. Ask to speak to Mike if you want to figure out how to shave half an ounce off your bike, or are just looking for new ideas if you are a tinkerer.

In addition to cycling other interests include anything with wheels particularly Jeeps and fast cars. He also collects and restores antique bicycles primarily 1970s Paramounts and high wheel bikes including the 1889 Springfield Roadster pictured. Don't ask him about natural gas transmission, or gas quality analysis unless you are want to take a nap and cannot sleep. It is said his monotonous voice could cause someone to pass out even after drinking several cups of coffee and a Red Bull for good measure.


Tyler has been around bikes for as long as he can remember. His dad started out in motocross and later moved on to race mountain bikes when he was born. Later on his parents opened up their own shop here in Houston called Texas Sports Cyclery. Though no longer in business, it started a lifelong obsession for Tyler.  He enjoys photography, riding bikes(of course!) and long walks on the, contemplating his next bike/upgrade."

Tuckus and Turbow

Tuckus and TurbowTuckus and Turbow are best friends and brothers ... the happiest dogs ever. They are the UBG mascots/greeters. If you are ever having a bad day stop by and see T & T … they will help you have a better day. 

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