Neighborhood/Bike Path Bikes

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Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Willow 3
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Neighborhood/bike path bikes come in two categories-the hybrid and the comfort bike. They both share a comfortable seat often with a shock absorbing seat post and tires that are wider and therefore more cushioning than road bike tires. They also share an upright riding position due to a taller handlebar height and a shorter reach from the seat to the handlebars. They differ in their wheel size, particularly the diameter.

A hybrid has 27” diameter wheels (more or less) while a comfort bike has 26” diameter wheels with wider tires than the hybrid. The hybrid is more efficient so you can ride longer or faster but is not quite as durable or cushy . Hybrids are good for people who want to ride up to 30 miles at a time at a moderate speed .

The comfort bike is for people who want maximum comfort for shorter slower rides. They are both designed for a casual rider or a commuter, not for aggressive riders.