PUBLIC is a San Francisco-based bicycle and gear company that designs and sells urban bikes, along with accessories to make riding more enjoyable, practical, and chic. PUBLIC's European-inspired bikes ride like butter. They come in multi-speeds in all sizes. You can dress in casual or business attire, and wear pumps, tennis shoes, or flip flops -- just about anything -- while riding a PUBLIC bike. These bikes will make you feel like a kid again.

PUBLIC bikes are designed with all kinds of people in mind, including the everyday bicyclist who regularly rides to work and around town, the person who doesn't identify themselves as a bicyclist but wants a simple, sturdy bicycle for occasional errands, trips to the Farmer's Market, or weekend rides in the park, and the newbie who is buying an adult bike for the first time who wants to recapture the joy they felt while riding as a kid.

PUBLIC pays close attention to details in designing a complete city bike that offers all the features you need for simple yet highly functional city riding. Our PUBLIC bikes are:

  • Lightweight steel frame - durable enough to last a lifetime and withstand the bumps of city riding, but light enough to carry a flight of stairs. Many other city bikes are made of aluminum, which isn't as durable and doesn't absorb riding over potholes as well as steel. And unlike the traditional Dutch bikes that weigh 45 pounds, our PUBLIC bikes are light enough to carry up a flight of stairs.
  • Complete with fenders and chain guard to protect your clothes, plus a sturdy kickstand.
  • Tire width wide enough to soften your ride, but narrow enough for speed.
  • Comfortable seats and handlebar positioning offers an upright seating position for greater riding visibility.
  • Easy gear shifting with the simple twist of your wrist.
  • All PUBLIC multi-gear bikes provide the range you need to ride comfortably up hills.

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