Tom Wurth

Tom Wurth – Founder of The Urban Bicycle Gallery

Tom began his career in the bicycle industry in 1983 working at Buck’s Bikes in Austin while going to UT. He later moved back to Houston and worked at a number of local shops. While working at West End Bikes he began racing mountain bikes all over Texas. That was his main obsession from the mid 80’s to about 1991. In 1993 he became a sales representative for Bridgestone Bicycles. Tom was with them for a year until they quit selling bikes in the U.S.  Tom moved to the Trek Corporation in 1994 where he traveled throughout Texas and Louisiana selling bikes to bike shops until the end of 2002. This gave him an opportunity to ride most of the mountain bike trails in both states and learn from a lot of different shops. At Trek Tom also had a chance to work with and learn from some of the most influential players in the industry including: Gary Fisher, Greg Lemond, Gary Klein, Keith Bontrager and Trek president - John Burke.

Tom enjoyed participating in a variety of different sports; however, cycling was his chief preoccupation for over 25 years. Tom was in the bike business his entire adult life. Tom passed away August 19th, 2012. Even though you will not see him at the shop you will feel his presence when you walk in The Urban Bicycle Gallery. All of the artwork on the walls, bike robots and the vintage bicycles hung up around the shop were projects of Tom’s. He loved to work on old bikes and always had a great story of how he found the bikes, what inspired him to paint the painting or weld his sculptures.

Tom loved hearing stories of adventures people had on the bikes he sold them. He played a big part of the growth of the cycling community in Houston and was very proud every time he rode his bike on the bike paths along the Heights, Allen Parkway and around town. 

Tom will be truly missed but never forgotten.


Tom and Judy

Tuckus and Turbow

Tuckus and TurbowTuckus and Turbow are best friends and brothers ... the happiest dogs ever. They are the UBG mascots/greeters. If you are ever having a bad day stop by and see T & T … they will help you have a better day. 

Judy Tuttle-Wurth

Judy has been a Hair Stylist for over 35 years. She has been riding bikes for a little while longer than that. She enjoys road riding and is a veteran of the MS 150 and many of the other charity rides. Judy works at the bike shop a few days a week and then spends a few days cutting hair at 3930 Ego. 

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Jon Jon considers himself to be a bike shop rouleur.  Having been in the bicycle business since college in the 90’s, he’s worked at several shops, managed two and owned one.  Equally adept in sales, service, marketing and management, his versatility allows him to float from one side of store operations to any of the others.  He started riding bikes growing up in Scotland but found his passion for the sport with the advent of mountain biking and has been hooked ever since.  Jon rides and races single-speed mountain bikes but is just as comfortable mixing it up on road, cyclocross and fixed gear bikes.  If you’re looking for someone that can explain the variety of cycling available to you, advice on accessories, components, gear or need a mechanic that is focused on the highest level of detail, come in and ask for the new Jon!


Initially,  Isreal  got involved with bikes around 1999 when he started racing mountain bikes in Monterrey, Mexico. During that time he noticed the absence of publications about cycling, and for a couple of years, he published a monthly newsletter/fanzine to review new cycling products and each race of the MTB Regional Championship.  One of the sponsors of the fanzine noticed his knowledge and invited him to work at one of the most important distributors of cycling products in Mexico. He was in charge of wholesale customer service and the warranty department. He trained store/shop owners and staff members in new products and sales techniques. Israel was also a board member of the state’s Mountain Bike Association.   His choices for transportation are mainly two-wheeled vehicles, bicycle or motorcycle.Isreal has ridden and owned many types of road and mountain bikes (carbon, steel, alloy and Ti. Full suspension, hardtail, rigid). UBG was the first bike shop he visited in Houston during a vacation trip before movinghere nine years ago.  He is member of BikeHouston and he loves bikes.


Ross has been riding bicycles since he was young. He enjoys all forms of cycling, whether it is riding trails on his Niner SIR 9, or commuting on his Giant Escape 3. Ross enjoys helping new and experienced riders find their perfect ride and gear. You can find him at UBG almost any day of the week.



Mike comes to UBG with four years' experience in the industry, focusing on sales and Bike Fit. You'll catch Mike riding long distances on his days off and he prefers to ride his bike to get around town. Mike has been interested in bikes aslong as he can remember. He started riding in his early teens, going to the BMX track with his friends. It wasn't until he was given a road bike and invited to join the MS150 in 2007 that his love for cycling really took off. Mike enjoys long walks on the beach, getting people to ride bikes more often, racing CX and mountain bikes, and volunteering. He has been a Bike Houston member since 2013 and a Bike Houston Ambassador since 2014.


Colin works most weekends and the odd weekday or two during the week.  His other job is as a PhD student in Cognitive Neuroscience.  He studies speech perception and memory formation using EEG. But his true love is biking.  Colin has been biking since age 4, but really got into it around age 13.  His interest began in BMX and freestyle mountain biking.  But when he discovered he had no balance for tricks or hand eye coordination for bar spins he realized he had to find a new niche.  Luckily he has pretty good endurance, and a strong drive to never give up both of which have served him well as he switched over to endurance races.  His first love was triathlon, but he rapidly realized how silly running and swimming are when you can go more than 5 times as fast on a bike.  He still runs and swims occasionally but mainly as cross-training for the bike.  Colin races in road, mountain, and cyclocross races.  You can usually find him on a long fast group ride, or racing on weekends. 
Colin knows a lot about the group rides going on around town and the various social rides has well.  He loves to help new people find their way into the cycling scene both by finding them the right bike products, and by helping them find the right group to match their interests and experience level.  He believes UBG is the coolest shop in town. 


Roberto Castano has been in the bicycle business for over 25 years, starting out repairing bikes at his fathers bike shops.  He is a United States Army Veteran and local Houston cycling road racer. Roberto began his cycling career as a junior attending several National road and track championships. The Castano Family made their mark in the cycling community. Roberto’s father, Conrado Castano, is a three time Colombian National Champion and is infamous for holding a 25 year long record in track racing. His brother, Mauricio Castano, was also a Junior National Silver medalist. Roberto is currently a Category 3 Road Racer. He is a frequent figure on local shop and training rides in the city, as well as on the podium at our local bicycle races. Roberto is known for his powerful sprint, so watch for your KOMs!