About Us

Urban Bicycle Gallery in Houston Texas carefully selects products that we believe in to offer to our customers. We don’t stock everythingfrom each of our suppliers; rather we cherry pick the products that make the most sense for our market area. We sell what we like to ride, that’s why we enthusiastically recommend Giant,, Bianchi, BMC, BMC, Masi, Haro, Niner, Spot, Public,  Charge, Retrospec Fixies and TERN, Montague and Brompton folding bicycles. If you want an item found in one of our suppliers websites that we don’t carry, we will be happy to order it for you.

Buying a bicycle is different from most purchases. There is much more to it than just the product and the price-it is entering into a relationship. During the selection process this is evident in that you need to be able to trust your salesperson and rely on his/her expertise to make the right choice. After the sale, you want to be able to count on your shop’s ability and willingness to properly service your bicycle and recommend and provide appropriate products and services that enhance your riding experience. Jon, Jason, Tara, Danny, Kevin and I are passionate about bikes and cycling to such an extent that we each have made it our career. 

Check out our website and come talk to us directly and decide for yourself if you want to enter into a relationship with The Urban Bicycle Gallery, because deciding on your bike shop should be your first step in buying a bike.

-- Judy Tuttle-Wurth, Owner

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