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Professional Bike Fitting

There are a lot of systems and gadgets out there for fitting bicycles to riders and there are a lot of self described fit experts who charge a lot of money for fittings. Some are getting good results, some not so good.We have been fitting bikes for over twenty years and we believe that a simple trainer fit works well for most people. A trainer fit entails putting the bike in a trainer, having the rider mount the bike and making the necessary adjustments based on accepted guidelines for how a rider should be positioned on a bike.The process is individualized by the rider's input regarding his or her cycling goals,current fitness level and physical issues. This is a process that is free with each new road bike we sell. It also includes free refits and stem changes during the first month of ownership. We do the same trainer fit on bikes purchased elsewhere for $65 plus the cost of any parts that are changed. Some cyclist prefer and are willing to pay for an advanced fit utilizing the latest technological advances in biometrics. For those cyclists we recommend Tad Hughes Custom Fit Studios. Mention that we referred you for a special deal.

Get a better ride when you get FIT

Pick your Fit 

Bike Fit Basics

  • Starts at $65
  • Fit in trainer - handlebar, hoods (if needed), seat
  • adjustment and clip in shoe cleat adjustment
  • 30 - 40 minutes

Handlebar Adjustment

  • Starts at $15
  • Adjust the handle bar position 10 - 15  minutes

Seat Adjustment

  • Starts at $10
  • Re-position the seat height, angle 10 minutes

Shoe Cleats

  • Starts at $15
  • Re-position shoe cleats -road or MTB 
  • (bring bike to test ride after adjustment)

Adjust hoods and re-position levers  

  • Starts at $20

Installation of longer or shorter stem  + cost of stem

  • Starts at $15

Seat installation 

  • Starts at $10

Parts are not included, for the best results you should have bike short and shoe during fitting. Most fittings require an appointment