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The Paratrooper Highline is a true cross country machine. 27.5 inch wheels ...
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Folding bikes. I never thought it would happen but I have become a big fan of folding bikes. We have been selling them for a year or so and I came to appreciate the ingenuity of the little bikes. Judy and I took two folding bikes with us on the plane in our standard size suitcases to Coeur d'Alene Idaho. The bikes made it there without any problems and we rode on some incredibly scenic rails to trails then flew home with the bikes in the suitcases again. This really brought home the value and potential of the folding bikes. I began to research the brands and found Brompton and Tern to be the best.

Aside from the ability to take the bikes on a plane easily, there are other reasons to love folding bikes. Most of the ones I sell have 20” wheels and are very compact so they are easy to maneuver. Imagine you are at a festival downtown among a big crowd with your compact folding bike just walking around. Your bike is much smaller and lighter so as you walk around pushing it, you are not bumping into people. If you live in a one- bedroom apartment and you don’t want to park your bike outside to be stolen, fold it up and stow it in your closet. Same thing goes if you commute to the office on your bike.

Driving on a road trip, fold up your bike and put it in the trunk and you still have room for your luggage. They just make a lot of sense for so many purposes.


Brompton Bikes
These bikes are high quality and hand made in England. The most compact fold—simply the best!

Tern Folding Bikes at Urban Bicycle Gallery

Tern Folding Bicycles
Whether you need to handle grocery bags, all kinds of weather, night-time trips or quick jaunts on public transportation, Tern folding bikes give you day-in, day-out reliability.